garage door spring repairIf you have a non functioning garage door, a garage door spring repair may be what you need. A garage door torsion spring is a device that bears most of the weight of your garage door. The entire torsion apparatus is mounted over the top of your garage door. In the event of an uncontrolled release, the amount of energy that is stored in the apparatus is enough to damage property, cause injury, or even death. As you can imagine, a repaired torsion spring is a big part of the proper functioning of your garage door. Dream Garage Door San Francisco has experienced technicians that can ensure your torsion springs are fixed!

A broken torsion spring can be very frustrating and dangerous. This is the beginning of  a huge headache, but if you get the right technicians to come and fix the problem, you will soon have nothing to worry about. Dream Garage Door San Francisco has trained technicians to fix your torsion spring that will last you a long time. Damage to these springs equals damage to you and your property. Given torsion springs technical nature, it is best to allow qualified trained profession to deal with any of its repair needs. Avoiding the hassle that a defective torsion spring causes will save you from headache and stress. Fortunately for you, finding the right company for this issue is the least of your worries now! Here at Dream Garage Door San Francisco, we strive to provide only the best service for our customers so they won’t have problems with their garage door in the future.

Dream Garage Door serves San Francisco and the Bay area. Our services are available to you any time of day and even on weekends and holidays. Contact us today for any questions you may have about ensuring the safety of your garage door!