What types of garage doors We offer?Garage Door Questions

Dream Garage Door can answer all of your garage door questions! We have many different garage door options available for you. These range from various styles, colors, sizes, material depending on your personal preference. We can discuss options together and help you pick out the perfect garage door that matches your home.

Which garage door manufacturer should I chose?

We only offer high brand manufactured garage door, so any garage door you chose we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. You may do a little bit of research before deciding which garage door manufacturer you would like go with. If you have family or friends that recently got a new garage door, ask them if they are satisfied with that particular brand or would rather go with something else.

How much will I spend on a garage door?

The answer of course depends on what kind of garage door you are interested in. Because our garage doors vary in size, material, and colors our prices may vary. If you know specifically which garage door you would like, call us and we will give you pricing. If you do not, we will be more than happy to explore your options with you. We will provide you with a no-commitment estimate.

How often should I get tune-up services?

It is recommended that once a year you get a tune up for your garage door or garage door opener. However, this also depends on how often you use your garage door or garage door opener. If you use it often, you may need a tune up more frequently (twice or three times a year). If you give us a call we will assist you with your tune-up schedule.

Can I fix my broken garage door on my own? 

Of course you may complete some small tasks without getting assistance from a professional. However, we do no recommend trying to fix your garage door on your own, as it can lead to accidents and serious injuries. It is best to go the safe route and call a professional.

Why Should I go with Dream Garage Door?

We guarantee quick, reliable and affordable services performed by certified professionals.  Let us answer all of your garage door questions. We are available 24/7, weekends, and holidays!

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