Garage Door Opener Installation may be needed since garage doors are used several times a day when leaving and Garage Door Opener Installationentering your home. It is inevitable that after some time of regular use, garage door openers can stop functioning and may need repair. Proper care for your garage door and garage door opener today will reduce more problems that may arise in the future. For this reason, We don’t recommend you holding off on it. Operating your garage door without a garage door is a very heavy task to do and should not be an option (for safety reasons). Risk of injury, accidents and even death can be high in these cases if you are not careful.

There could be many reasons your garage door is not working properly. The problem may not even be with your garage door opener and it could be coming from somewhere else. Whatever the source is, let Dream Garage Door San Francisco, come check it out. We can assist you at a reasonable rate.

If you would like to replace your garage door opener, it is good to know about the different kinds of openers:

Chain-Drive Openers. – considered to be the most economical garage door openers. However, these openers tend to create a metal to metal noise so depending on residential applications, you may prefer another opener.
Belt-Drive Openers. – Many people believe these to be the most luxurious option because of the lack of noise and their sleekness.
Screw–Drive Openers. – These kinds of openers are the most simple types of garage door openers and many people prefer it because it requires fewer moving parts to maintain.
Jack shaft Openers. – These openers are quiet and operate quickly. Ideal for big spaced garage.
Our technicians at Dream Garage Door will remove your old garage door opener installer and install your new one to get your garage door running smoothly again! We only offer the best quality brands from manufacturers such as:  Linear, Genie, and Lift Master.

Give us a call TODAY. We will be more than happy to explore your options with you!