Garage Door MaintenanceGarage Door Maintenance & Tune Up

Garage Door Maintenance & Tune Up is just as important as maintenance on you car or any other major appliances. Ignoring broken parts of a garage door can cause a lot of hassle later on, so be sure to pay attention to your garage door now to avoid any issues that may come up over time.

What is a garage door tune-up?

A garage door tune up is pretty similar in principle to going to your annual check up at your doctors and taking your car in to get maintenance. A technician will evaluate any problems that are present at the moment and will also identify any potential issues that he believes can be a cause of danger later on. Regular garage door tune up is important because it will be less of a hassle to deal with a small issue now than a bigger issue later on. When our Dream Garage Door technician comes to help, he will give you helpful tips on how to keep your garage door in good shape in order to prevent problems from arisen in the future.

Who will perform the tune-up?

You may be wondering if performing the tune up is something you can do by yourself. You absolutely can. But if you feel like you’re too busy and do not have enough time to do it yourself, Dream Garage Door San Francisco is just a call away. Our technicians have completed many garage door tune up process for our customers, ensuring them a safe garage door for years to come. We make sure to inspect every single part of your garage door and complete the necessary repairs within a reasonable amount of time.

How often should I have a tune-up?

We advise for a yearly tune up, especially if you use your garage door more than twice a day. Inevitably, a heavy object like your garage door will eventually undergo wear and tear over the years. Play it safe by asking us about our tune up services!