Garage Door Cable Repair

A necessary garage door cable repair may needed in your near future especially since using your garage door daily can cause wear and tear. If you notice that your garage door cable is frayed or completely broken, it is time for a new replacement. It may seem as if your garage door can continue functioning without a proper functioning cable. However, ensuring a working cable is essential as it helps the lowering and lifting of your garage door. If the springs break, your garage door can be slammed shut and cause an accident. If you need to replace the cables, you will need to tension the springs. However, this could be hazardous and we do not recommend you attempting this on your own. Please let the Dream Garage Door San Francisco technicians handle it to avoid any serious injuries that may occur.

Our technicians at Dream Garage Door San Francisco, CA will help you repair your garage door cable. We will follow this process:

  1. Identify which springs system you have.

There are two types of spring systems: torsion or extension spring system. Our technicians will identify which one you have. With this information, we will determine the next appropriate steps needed for repair.

  1. Check the cables for proper functioning.

After a few years of every day use, problems with garage door cables are just inevitable.  We will make sure that your garage door cable is working again and for a long period of time after too.

  1. Make the necessary repairs or replacements.

First our technicians will figure out what the source of the issue is with your garage door cable. Then, we will make the necessary repairs to prevent any further damages.

Call Dream Garage Door San Francisco today for any of your garage door repair needs!