Avoid Garage Door Lock-In

Many people don’t give much thought to how power outages affect garage door openers. It is natural to press the button and assume the door will just open and close. Avoid garage door lock-in with some of the helpful tips we provide for you in this post!

The reality is, you may have to open the door manually if the power goes out. If you had never to do this, it is best to learn how to in advance instead of trying to read through the instruction manual when the inevitable finally happens.

To avoid a garage lock-in, here are some helpful tips you can use.

  1. If the power goes out, make sure the garage door is closed before you unplug or disconnect the automatic opener.
  2. Find the emergency cord and use it to disconnect the opener from the garage door. In most models, the cord is the one with the red handle hanging from the center rail of the mechanism.
  3. To open the garage door manually, lift it straight up. If the springs are in good condition, it should stay up. If not, your springs may not be balanced and you need to contact us to fix or replace them urgently to ensure safety.
  4. Pull the garage door down to close and lock it securely by sliding the lock bar.
  5. When the power comes on, unlock the door at the lock bar first before reconnecting the automatic garage door opener. Reconnecting while it is still locked damages the system.

Make sure your garage door is secured during a storm by following these easy tips.

  1. Unless you have a garage door that can lock quickly before you evacuate, follow step 1-5 listed above.
  2. After the storm, carefully inspect the garage door for damage. Check if any hardware has become loose, if the track mount is still on the wall and for bent sections. Those with wood doors should check for water damage and rot. If you encounter any of these problems, have a professional visit your home for repairs as soon as possible.
  3. If you garage door opener doesn’t have a battery backup, it is a good idea to invest in one. It will ensure your opener, sensors and entry keypad work normally in a power outage.Avoid garage door lock-in with these tips or call us today with any further questions!